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Contractors and Bidders at Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited

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The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited
Operator of the NNPC /Shell/ EPNL/ Agip Joint Venture


Tender For Rock Sample Administration

The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) acting as the Operator of the NNPC/SHELL/ELF/AGIP Joint Venture on behalf o( its Joint Venture Partners, hereby invite suitable and reputable contractors to submit pre-qualification documents to provide Sample Administration Services for Geological Services for the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC).

Commencement:        Q22010
Completion:            32012

Please note the following
1)       Only one contract will be awarded to one contractor.
2)       Participants will be required to submit in addition to their Commercial Bid a Performance Bond from their Bankers to support the full value of their bid.

Please visit the Nigerian Petroleum Exchange Portal www.nipexng.com for further details.
1.    Please visit the NipeX portal at www.nipexng.com for this Advert and other information
2.    Suppliers are expected to be published in the NipeX JQS database. This is a condition to participate in this exercise. Application forms are available at www.nipexng.com

In line with Federal Government Directives on Nigerian Content Development, preference shall be given to Nigerian companies or foreign companies based in Nigeria having Nigerian affiliates who demonstrate willingness to execute the work/services to the satisfaction of the Nigerian content requirements and guidelines. All respondents to this advertisement must ensure full compliance with the Nigerian content directives of December 2005 requirements as non-compliance is a ‘FATAL FLAW”. Respondents are enjoined to avail themselves of the Federal Government Directives on Nigerian Content.
Companies  responding  to this  advert shall be  required to provide the following nformation: i 1     Corporate   NCD   policy/strategy.    Demonstrate   legislative   &   regulatory i awareness relative to Nigerian content.

Companies responding to this advert shall be required to provide the  following information;
1.    Corporate relative to Nigerian content.
2.    Details   of   the   Corporate   Nigerian   content   focal   point   including   profile   in company, experience, qualifications, responsibilities & targets.
3.    Evidence   of   commitment   to   develop   Nigerian   manpower  and   competence development through employment and training.
4.    Evidence ol past performance in Nigerian Content Development.
5.    List of existing initiatives and plans to develop other Nigerian companies. Slate where applicable in Nigeria (or similarly in other countries).
6.    Proposed Nigerian Content specifying the work to be done by Company with own resources and those to be subcontracted. Give the scope of such subcontracts, name  and     location of the proposed subcontractors.
7.    Details ol training and development program for Nigerians, in  your company , (plan, detailed program in form of chart of Excel sheet)
8.    Details of Nigerians employed in your company, including position and experience.

Interested, reputable service companies shall be required to submit pro-qualification documents containing the following:
1.        Evidence of Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) permit valid for 2008
2.        Provide evidence of Tax payment (Copy of Tax Clearance) for the past three years
3.       Company Certificate of Incorporation.
4.        Company Memorandum and articles of Association.
5.        Evidence of legally binding agreement if company is a Joint Venture or Consortium.
6.       Evidence of legally binding agreement if Company has foreign technical partners.
7        Provide detailed company organogram showing full staff structure.
8.       Provide copies of Curriculum Vilae of key management staff.
9.        Provide copies of Curriculum vilae of key technical staff.
10.     Provide copy of Health, Safety, Security and Environment Policies, signed and dated.
11.     Provide copies of company’s Health Safely and Environment Management Systems (HSE-MS).
12.     Provide copies of Security and Community Management plans for projects executed in the Niger Delta, if any.
13.     Provide Names and Curriculum Vitae of HSSE Focal Points(s), Manager(s), Personnel.
14.     Provide HSE records for the past five years.
15.     Provide Health, Safety and Environment Management manuals lor any previous successful projects.
16.     Provide audited accounts by a Chartered Accountant for past three years (2006, 2007, 2008).
17.     Provide Audit Certificate for audited accounts.
18.     Provide Letter of reference from bankers/financiers or willingness of bankers/financiers to fund contract.
19.     Provide list of contracts executed over past five years in CCA analysis, or other evidence of past jobs executed.
20.     Provide Letter of reference from previous clients.
21.     Provide evidence or reference of at least 3 previous CCA reports.
22.     Provide Job description and competence requirements for Key Technical staff.

The Applications, Pre-qualification and technical Documentation Packages must be submitted at the Vendor Services Centre, in the address below, latest on or before 9th July, 2009.

Applications and Pre-qualification Documentation Packages not received on or before 9th July, 2009, will be disregarded.
Tender packages will be sent to any contractor/company that fufilled the above requirements and also passed the subsequent SPDC pre-qualification and technical Evaluation Exercises.

Submission of pre-analifitatioa and technical documents
Four copies of the Pre-qualification and technical documents,  shall be marked NGO1003777′ Rock Sample Administration and addressed to:

The Secretary to the Tender Board (EPF-G-SCNSF)
C/o Vendor Service Centre (EPF-G-SCN5P)
The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria limited.
P. 0. Box 263,
Port Harcourt.

a)       Only pre-qualified companies will be invited to progress with the technical tender.
b)       This advertisement of “Invitation to Pre-qualify” shall not be construed to be a commitment on the part of NNPC/SPDC to award any form of contract to your company and/or     associated companies, sub-contractors or agents, nor shall it entitle any company submitting documents to claim ony indemnity from NNPC/SPDC and/or any of its partners.
c)       NNPC/SPDC reserves the right to fake the final decision on any of the documents received in your pre-qualification package.
d)       NNPC/SPDC will deal only with authorized officers of the companies submitting documents and NOT through individuals or agents.

The marked and sealed documents can be physically submitted to The Vendor Services Centre, Shell Petroleum Development Company Of Nigeria limited, Port Harcourl, or not
later than the date and time specified in the Pre-qualification Information Package. Incorrectly addressed or labelled submissions and those after the specified date and time
shall be disregarded.
In all correspondence, please quote the contract reference and title shown above.

This advertisment of ‘Invitation to tender’ shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of NNPC/SPDC, nor shall it entitle companies to make claims whatsoeer and/or seek any indemnify from NNPC/SPDC and/or any of its partners by virtue of such companies having responded to this advertisment.

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