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Operator of the NNPC Joint Venture




  1. 1. Introduction

Total E & P Nigeria Limited (TEPNG) invites interested and reputable contractors with suitable equipment, and relevant experience to apply for pre-qualification for consideration to tender for 2DHR Geophysical survey. The works are planned to be carried out on TEPNG offshore locations.

  1. 2. Brief Outline Description of the Scope of Services.

The works are planned to be executed on call off basis (as need arises) and for about 2 +1 years. The Contractor shall be able to carry out 2DHR geographical survey as summarrsied below:

  • Offshore geographical surveys for seabed and sub seabed geohazard assessment
  • 15 – 400meters.
  • The contractor shall be able to carry out “Analogue” survey and digital” defined as below
  • -Analogue”  survey shall includes – HR bathymetry (multiband), side scan sonar, sub bottom profiler, magnetometer, coring
  • “Digital survey shall involve;- 2DHR acquisition spread (compressor, guns, streamer,…) onboard processing,
  • A dedicated survey vessel is required.

3,   Pre-qualification Documents

To qualify for consideration, contractors are required to supply two (2) sets of (hardcopy) and (1) CD ROM of the following documentation, with the specific chapters, separated, by dividers, in the same order as set out here below (a) to (d):

A separate section summarizing the contents chapter by chapter of the pre-qualification document

(a)        Statutory / Legal Issues:

  1. i.            Evidence of contractor’s registration in Nigeria (certificate of incorporation), Nigerian Contractor’s legal status and profile including Nigerian shareholding and details of any formal technical support agreements with foreign contractors.
  2. ii.            Contractor’s general structure and organisation, including the branch dedicated to such civil works activities.
  3. iii.            In case of joint venture with, attach copy of the joint venture agreement, and details of the interest of each of the joint venture partners and the role of each party shall be clearly indicated.
  4. iv.            Copy of relevant Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) Certificate of Registration for year 2007 Special Category A.
  5. v.            Qualifier’s audited accounts for the past three (3) years and tax clearance certificated (2004/2005/2006).

(vi) Nigerian Content:

In line with the Federal Government of Nigeria Directives on Nigerian Content, and target of

70% by the end of year 2010, COMPANY intends to and will expect bidders to comply with the

Federal Government Policy and Nigerian Content Development Directives of October 13,

2006 (or its latest revision) available at www.nnpcgroup.com and www.nigcontent.com because they constitute a FATAL FLAW in all Contract evaluations. Failure to fully comply with the Government Directives or demonstrate commitment to   Nigerian   Content

Development shall result to disqualification from bidding this contract. Tenderers are to include in their bids a Nigerian content plan on how to meet these requirements. The plan should include Nigerian professionals (skilled and unskilled personnel) to be engaged on this project, the Nigerian scope of work as a percentage of the overall scope of work in monetary terms that will be created in-country.

Contractor shall include the following information:

  • Submit verifiable evidence of compliance with Nigerian Content Guidelines & Directives and Nigerian /Local Content performance on past projects/contracts for a period of 3 years.
  • Provide information of location in Nigeria (name and address must be included) where TENDERER’S onshore geotechnical laboratory facility is established and the location of the onshore laboratory to perform laboratory testing of core samples and gravity coring and box core sampling.
  • Provide list of all manning positions (i.e. onshore & onboard vessel) technical crew of surveyors & laboratory technicians) including marine vessel crew and indicate their proposed nationality.
  • Provide the details of the local organization who would be responsible for providing onboard catering, housekeeping & cleaning services
  • Provide the details of the local organization who would be responsible for providing onboard waste disposal services
  • Provide the details of the local organization who would be responsible for the supply of fuel & lubricants
  • Provide the details of the local organization who would be responsible for providing logistical and operational support
  • Where the Project management team, engineering and Procurement centre will be located in Nigeria.
  • Provide in tabular form the Nigerian Scope of work as a percentage of the overall project scope in monetary terms on this project. A detailed breakdown of the components that make up the total percentage is required.
  • List of all work which will be carried out by Nigerians and domiciled in-country, in accordance with Nigerian Content Directives, divided into the following categories
  • Work which will be executed by the Applicant using its own resources
  • Work which will be sub contracted, giving the scope of such sub contractor and the names and locations of the proposed sub contracts and/or details of scope of work for indigenous services & local 3rd party business that would support the contract
  • Percentage of the entire scope of work for the contract that would be executed using resources of Nigerian origin (include  as a table the detailed list of the scope of work and identify the proposed resources for  executing the scope and country of its origin)
  • Where a company is in joint venture partnership of consortium, evidence of such a relationship in the form of an agreement and/or Binding agreement signed by the chief executives of both companies and partners shall be submitted
  • List of equipment, material and goods that are to be locally sourced on this project
  • Provide training plan for Nigerians including provision of onboard-vessel trained and trainee surveyors,. Evidence of past training in the last two years is required Proposed training plan for Nigerians on the project including a brief training outline for OEM products, engineering, software & hardware, project management, procurement construction,   installation,   start-up  &  commissioning,   maintenance,   testing and operations
  • Verifiable detailed evidence of Contractor’s base facilities in country (pare part Stocks, repair shops, maintenance workshop and storage facilities etc in – country), Provide detailed description of the location of in-country committed facilities & infrastructure (assets, equipment, technical office, and administrative space, storage, workshop, assembly area, repair & maintenance, testing, laboratory, etc) in Nigeria to support this contract or submit a credible and verifiable plan towards setting-up,
  • Demonstrate that entity is a  Nigerian-registered company. Submit certified true copies of CAC forms 10, 02 & 07 including company memorandum & article of association and other evidence of entity’s incorporation, shareholding & ownership structure in Nigeria. Maximizing Nigerian Content is a key contract priority, therefore for foreign companies and multinationals in alliance with a local company, submit evidence that the local company is an indigenous company and the binding Agreement of the alliance duly signed Agreement by the CEO of both parties and stating the specific work scope to be performed by each member of the alliance.
  • Detailed Nigerian Content Development (NCD) Plan for the activities, to include: evidence of nominated Nigerian Content Manager with appropriate experience, qualifications, clear responsibilities, seniority level in its organisation, membership of Nigerian trade/professional body; evidence of corporate NCD policy, demonstration of legislative & regulatory awareness relative to Nigerian content; evidence of an understanding of the local business environment & existing relationships with Nigerian  contractors & suppliers, subcontracting relationships and/or partnership agreements, structured list of Nigerian supplies and services procured from Nigerian companies; e.g. accounting, legal etc; existing initiatives to develop Nigerian companies Verifiable evidence of an existing/established presence in Nigeria or plan to establish presence i.e. availability of office facilities, training facilities, local support facilities.

(b) QA/QC & HSE

  1. i.            Details of company’s Health, Safety and Environmental Policy and Programme together with   HSE   Management   System HSE considerations on site and throughout the requirement are part of contractor’s responsibility and Contractor must have proven methods for eliminating risks associated with its own scope of services and all interfaces with others. These methods must be clearly indicated.
  2. ii.            Safety records detailed for accidents, injuries, damages and summarised for near-misses, LTI. for the past three (3) years.
  3. iii.            Quality Assurance System certified ISO 9000 or equivalent.

(c) Technical Details:

  1. i.            Description and technical specifications of equipment including laboratory facilities that will be utilised in the execution of the work currently owned by contractor, with proof of ownership/current licences,
  2. ii.            Technical expertise / resume of key personnel to be involved in the services.
  3. iii.            Details of relevant verifiable experience of similar services that bidder has undertaken as main contractor in the last five (5) years, inside or outside Nigeria. This is mandatory
  4. iv.            Reference of three major customers that can be contacted for information/   reference.   Attach   copies   of   Final   completion Certificates of jobs undertaken valued above ten million Naira (N10, 000,000) or its dollar equivalent.
  5. v.            All relevant information concerning contacts telephone, fax, e-mail of the representative, and proof of available office, resources (laboratory inclusive), etc to  support your operations.

Failure to provide any of the listed documents or information may automatically disqualify the contractor. Notwithstanding, the submission of this documentation, TEPNG is neither committed nor obliged to include any contractor on the tender list or award any form of contract to any contractor and/or associated companies, subcontractor or agent,

Please note that this is not an invitation to tender. Full tendering procedure will be provided only to contractors that have been successfully pre- qualified through this advertisement and this may consist of safety/technical audit of facilities/equipment to determine those suitable to provide this services.

4.         Submission of pre-qualification documents

The pre-qualification documents should be sealed and marked

“Pre-qualification for Offshore Engineering Geophysical 2DHR Survey” and delivered either by hand or by courier service to reach the address given below not later than

Thursday, 11th February, 2010.

Contracts Manager (Building 7, 0/11)

Total E & P Nigeria Limited

Plot 25, Trans Amadi Industrial Layout, Port Harcourt

This advertisement is also available as a Public Opportunity at the Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (NipeX) website: www.nipex.com.ng

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